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Why Do We Even Have an Office?
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11 Apr 2022

Why Do We Even Have an Office?

Remote work worked. So, why did we decide to return to the office? Glad you asked.

Heading back to the office is a huge adjustment after exclusively working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some companies are skipping that return altogether. At Off Center, we’ve taken this opportunity to consider why we actually want an office space. Here are our reasons for striking a new weekly balance of three days in person and two days at home. 

In-House Production

We’re in the creative business. Rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands dirty is integral to what we do. That’s why we decided to dedicate space in our office to a production studio. With a talented photographer on staff, our in-person days allow us to execute on spontaneous ideas. We’re able to keep our shot lists focused and fresh when we know we can produce content  at a moment’s notice.

In-Person Collaboration

We’ve proven that we can remain productive while working from home. Brainstorms, meetings, and even happy hours can happen via Zoom. But ’can’ doesn’t mean ‘should.’ We believe the value of quick conversations in the office kitchen or feedback paired with an in-person tutorial outweighs the comfort of working from home. Creativity and camaraderie are best built in those spare moments that lack an agenda and objective. We want to not only honor that but set ourselves up for interpersonal success with a team that gets to collaborate often and spontaneously.

A Core of Flexibility

We all got used to—and grew to enjoy—doing a load of laundry on a lunch break or opting out of a traffic-jammed commute. You know, normal human things that the old work model wasn’t great at accommodating. However, returning to the office doesn’t feel like a loss when your workplace still gives you room to process this change, adapt your habits, and cultivate your own schedule. We operate with a foundational respect for flexibility. This way, you can focus on the benefits of being back in the office, like playlists and snacks, instead of feeling confined to a new, rigid schedule.

If your organization is at the crossroads of RTO and WFH, we hope our rationale helps you decide on a path and prioritize face-time and flexibility.

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