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The OC Return-to-Office Roadmap
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15 Apr 2022

The OC Return-to-Office Roadmap

No one said going back to the office was going to be easy. But why not make it work for you this time around? Here’s how we’re switching things up.

We’re doing it. After two years of rolling out of bed and getting online, we’re back in the office and trying to get back to “normal.” Whether you were thrilled to indulge in a midday quarantine walk or caught cabin fever on the daily, there’s a couple ways you can make this transition easier. 

Romanticize Your Commute

The urge to Uber has never been stronger than when you realize your office is a 40-minute commute complete with a train-to-bus transfer. All the joie de vivre you once felt about being a city dweller and catching the Red Line may have been zapped during the pandemic, which left you feeling listless and generally paranoid (speaking from experience here). 

So, research your commute and be realistic about what you need to start your day. Do you want to bring a thermos of coffee or grab one at your bus stop? Would you rather get your Duolingo practice in, tune into your Discover Weekly on Spotify, or get your morning briefing with The Daily? Not to sound like a Tik Tok vlogger, but if you make yourself the main character of your morning commute, you may be able  to get some of that Early Bird Energy you’re missing post-pandemic.

Curate Your Vibe

Luckily, OCers tend to have immaculate music taste, so we’ve been passing the AUX and playing music out loud so that we can all enjoy it while we work. However, if you’ve been listening to rain sounds while you work for the past six months, you may want to zone in with some noise-canceling headphones and a good thunderstorm track. Make sure you have any double monitors, mouse pads, or bluetooth keyboards you need so you can replicate and elevate the experience you had while working from home. Don’t forget to have fun with plants, decorations, and desk knick-knacks so you can feel settled in. Outfitting your office space to feel as homey as possible will help you flip the script and start to see in-office days as the norm instead of WFH.

Feel Free to Change It Up

Just because you’re in the office doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some of the same flexibility that you did while working from home. If you’re feeling low-energy in the middle of the day, take a walk or even step outside to scroll Instagram for a bit. If you’ve been straining your neck while you stare at your screen, work from the break-room couch or reserve a small meeting space for yourself. A huge positive of being back in the office is getting face-time with your colleagues, so maybe you can turn one of your 1:1s into a quick stroll, a lunch meeting, or a collaborative brainstorm.

Soft Pants Only

Lastly, WFH proved that business casual is for the birds. If you like dressing up for work that’s great, but our new normal means sweatpants, beanies, sweaters, and an emphasis on stretch fabrics. Call us crazy, but we think you should prioritize comfort if you’re spending most of your waking hours in front of a computer. If your boss needs a doctor’s note before accepting your new, no-button wardrobe, hit us up and we’ll work something out.

Let us know if these tips helped you get your groove back! Like your mom or your Netflix Recommends section, we just want what’s best for you.

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