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Keeping Your Sh*t Together
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04 Mar 2022

Keeping Your Sh*t Together

Feeling like your workflow is eerily familiar to what you’ve been doing forever? Try out these trusty tips for your friends at OC!

Create A Tactile To-Do List

Laura Donovan, Content Marketing Manager

“Write the top 3 tasks you need to get done during the week on separate sticky notes and stick them to the top of your monitor, crumple and throw away as you finish,” says Laura.

Crank Up Your Productivity Playlist

Sydney Stephens, Social Media Manager/Copywriter

“I get into my best workflows when I’m listening to music that I enjoy,” says Sydney. “However, I can’t listen to any music that has lyrics for fear that I’ll start typing out whatever the song is saying into an unsuspecting caption or blog post. That’s why I have a backlog of instrumental study playlists and a few French artists (I don’t speak French) that I can rely on whenever I need to really ‘get in the zone.”

Consolidate Your Face Time

Missy Wilson, Art Director

Missy has a scheduling strategy so she can split up her week effectively. “When I can, I try to batch my meetings so they’re all in a chunk, and I have a big stretch of my day that’s uninterrupted.”

Take the Tough Tasks First

Erica Ricker, Project Manager

“Do the less fun things first just to get them out of the way,” says Erica. She recommends that you tackle the most challenging parts of your to-do list head-on instead of letting them languish at the bottom of your priorities and become even more intimidating.

Look Into Tomorrow

Pat Fauntelroy, Founder

“I’m a firm believer in EOD/night-before prep,” says Pat. “There’s nothing worse than starting a day and going, uh, WTF am I doing today. Looking ahead to tomorrow helps you understand how much work you can actually get done based on existing commitments and prioritize the tasks that are most important.”

Front-Load Your Day

Shashanka “Shank” Srirama, VP of Technology

Shank makes his mornings count by becoming a morning person and knocking out those small tasks that don’t allow him to get into the flow of the day. “I get up earlier than I would like to do all the menial work like emails, logging time I forgot to log, and catching up with the dev team.”

Keep Tabs On Less

Kayla Roan, Director of Accounts + Business Development

A cluttered desktop window makes for a cluttered mind! Kayla’s efficiency tip is all about knowing when to close out. “Only have tabs open for projects you are currently working on,” she says. “Too many tabs open creates time spent hunting for documents and feeling overwhelmed. When you finish a document, close it out…feels great to press that ‘x!”

It’s always the right time to gain a new outlook on workflow, productivity, and prioritization. And if you use any of these OC tips, let us know! We’re all hoping we have the best one. 😏

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