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Founded a decade ago, Tix4Cause has grown fast and changed even faster. Off Center was brought in to leverage our expertise, not only in the music industry, but in branding and technology solutions that have significant business impact.

What we did

  • Packaging Design
  • Branding Design
  • Website Design
  • Development
  • Marketing Design

The ticket provider that actually provides

Most ticket marketplaces collect a 15% service fee. Tix4Cause does too. But there’s one key difference: They only pocket 7.5%. The other 7.5% goes to the charity of the purchaser’s choosing. This give-back differentiator has the power to truly affect change. We knew we wanted in.


15% ticket service fee, and half goes to charity. Every time.

Donating over $1 million to worthy causes since launching over 10 years ago, Tix4Cause has only scratched the surface on their potential for giving back. With exclusive, donated tickets as a staple to their business model, they are expanding into the world of on-sale tickets. They have no signs of slowing down, and their brand needed to keep up. That’s where Off Center came in.

An evolving identity

T4C slowly outgrew their original brand identity as the competitive landscape and scope of services provided began to expand and adapt. We partnered with T4C to create a new identity, focusing on building brand trust and and brand equity to compete with the big players in the ticket provider space.

That new new typeface, logo, and tagline

“Join the crowd. Be the change.” It elicits the need for a socially aware global community and provides a strong and direct call-to-action for customers. Together with this mission statement, we created a clean, modern typeface and an updated ticket + heart logo. It was a bold new declaration in the ticket world: T4C is an effortless way to support the entertainers and the causes you love. The result of our identity work was a brand book that clearly outlines key messaging, brand guidelines and visual branding.

Join the crowd. Be the change.

Custom, proprietary web platform…music to our ears

T4C’s original site was lacking a streamlined user experience and filled with pages that weren’t sustainable or accessible. Off Center was tasked with constructing a custom, proprietary site that could propel the organization into the future. We created a multi-phased approach to deploy strategic versions of the site based on the client’s need to quickly get a first version up and running with key functionality.

The first version of the T4C site landed in November 2018, and the user functionality and back-end admin portal made it an instant hit with both customers and client. Version 2 introduced consistent new features based on internal learnings and trend forecasting; including a more robust admin panel, user logins that save preferred causes, partner landing pages, and an “on sale” ticket platform that allows T4C to be the primary ticket seller for events. 

A rock solid foundation for continued branding

With the new brand identity in place and their site traffic rising, we knew we needed to ensure T4C’s powerful story was being told clearly and effectively. We worked with T4C to create full marketing collateral for a cohesive lineup of marketing tools. Focusing on their specific business needs, Off Center has created investor decks, sell sheets, leave-behinds, and event support assets. 

Not every brand story
is easy to celebrate.
Tix4Cause’s is.

Off Center runs and executes all social media marketing strategy and content creation. Using our branding work as a foundation, we began by building social media guidelines that focus on channel specific strategies by building audience targets with personas, analyzing the competitive landscape and building out content pillars and roadmaps. As social media platforms continue to expand their features, our strategies shift to align with best practices where we can have the greatest impact and deliver the best results for T4C.