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What started as a fun way to deliver a best man speech evolved into a business to deliver authentic and highly personalized gifts that are routed in storytelling. As a brand that Off Center helped incubate and develop, we have had a strong partnership with the Songfinch founders and have worked to create their identity as well as all digital and technology properties.

What we did

  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Design
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Website Design
  • Website Development

An incredible concept in need of tuning

Songfinch was created after the founders (music industry professionals with a background in music for advertising) had the idea to bring personalized music gifting to consumers. Tapping into their music connections and leveraging their industry background, Songfinch became a reality. They had the concept and connections – all they needed was Off Center to help fine tune their business model and bring their brand to life.

Tell your story, get an unforgettable gift

The model is simple: Tell Songfinch your story. They find the best professional musician to write and record your custom song gift. With a 7-day turn around and an average price point of $200, they knew they had something. They approached Off Center with a name and idea, in need of a brand identity that could efficiently communicate the professionalism and quality of the product.

Crafting an approachable and lyrical brand

With a blank slate and industry knowledge, Off Center began with a dive into their target audience. Using music industry data, they made strategic assumptions that the customer base would be largely female. Off Center then developed a brand strategy around key personas and traits that were soft, inviting, and thoughtful. At the same time, they needed to remain somewhat gender neutral to avoid alienating potential new customers.

The brand and copy focused on making Songfinch relatable, accessable, and easy to create this one-of-a-kind gifting experience. From the hand-drawn word mark to playful logo, and crafty feel, everything about Songfinch feels authentic and intimate. 

Songs by them and site by us

Taking the brand development work to their website, Off Center was tasked with both conversion driven metrics as well as brand awareness and education. The Ecommerce platform needed to create a seamless purchasing experience, while the rest of the site needed to focus on product education and quality. 

A key messaging point we found as a barrier to conversion was how to showcase the legitimacy and quality of the product. Our solution was how we digitally brought the consumer into the song making process; displaying real customer reviews  and providing plenty of Songfinch songs as examples of the product quality. The look and feel of the site needed to convey a deeply personal, human element, to it – thus it was important to prioritize storytelling and real life use-case sharing on the site. We developed ways for customers to share their stories and serve as organic brand advocates.

Pushing the Boundaries

As we continue to develop strategies based on increased customer data, a key to our success stems from funnel testing and improvement. We constantly update the site as we analyze customer data and conversion metrics.

Authentic storytelling on social media

Songfinch’s product is a highly shareable product. Every customer and subsequent song becomes an instant marketing tool and lends itself to a dynamic social media strategy. Off Center used this authentic storytelling as the foundation to our multi-channel marketing strategy. To expand the brand’s reach at scale, we use YouTube pre-roll ads, podcast sponsorships for niche audience testing, event marketing at craft fairs, and external brand partnerships with brands like Bella Baby for increased awareness.